It's a Monday evening at the end of a three-day weekend. I wanted to do more work on a new blog post.

I stared at the text I'd written a few days ago for a while. I couldn't find any energy to type any serious words. I thought I could force myself and make myself edit, draw, and write for this post. But I've done that before, and I've almost always cut all that out afterward. So I knew I'd only be wasting time and energy. All to "feel" productive, but knowing I won't "be" productive.

To clarify, I had an enjoyable weekend. Now I'm feeling exhaustion and a slight headache. I want to lay down and not think about serious things for a while. Even though, like all adults my age, there is no shortage of stressful and important things to think about.

I felt restless but have no mental energy to do important work. What now?

In times like this, I only need to do work that sets me up to be more productive tomorrow. Things that don't take all that much thought.

Being productive and feeling productive are two different things. I'm getting better at recognizing times like now. These are times when I feel productive but don't have to energy to be productive. The best thing I can do is clean up, set up, and rest up for later. This way, I can feel productive without burning myself (and any productive energy) out.