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Hello Readers.

I’m Max Antonucci, a front-end developer in New Haven, CT. My code obsessions include CSS, web accessibility, design systems, and however much JavaScript my brain can handle.

I'm working at SeeClickFix, an app that helps citizens report local issues to municipal governments. You can see other work I've done at my Github and CodePen profiles, and my online notebook. In my spare time I write about coding, my life, and random musings.

Recent Writing

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Recent Notes

June 19, 2019

  • Good people who feel big try to lift up others, wanting to share the joy.
  • Bad people who feel big try to push others down, terrified to lose their spot.
  • Good people who feel small try to climb up, helping others when they can.
  • Bad people who feel small try to drag others down, finding “joy” in spreading their misery.

We can’t always control how big or small we feel in the world. At least we can choose not to be an asshole about it.

June 12, 2019

An eFriend of mine pointed out how many people in a group chat don’t often write something productive. Instead, they often talked in circles, shared few facts or insights, and more often seemed just liked reading their own words.

So for the record, productive conversations mean accepting there are smarter people worth taking advice from. Even if (perhaps especially if) you’re a man and the smarter people are women.

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