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Hello Readers.

I’m Max Antonucci. I write code, blog posts, notebooks, and musings.

As a programmer, I code for the front-end and focus on JavaScript and web accessibility.

As a writer, I write to remember lessons I've learned in programming, mental health, philosophy, and life in general. Or random things I need to get out of my head.

As a chainsaw juggler, I don't do anything since I don't exist. I don't juggle chainsaws since '06.

Recent Writing

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Recent Notes

December 04, 2019

Go to my Instagram today and you’ll start with photos of my fancy anime woodcut blocks. You likely already guessed this, but I only spend a fraction of my time making those. Those six photos were taken over several weeks.

Most of the remaining time I had was spent reading, coding for my job, watching videos, trying to catch up on news or code articles, playing video games, or walking to get away from everything else on the list. Pretty standard things that we always do ourselves but are boring when we see others doing them. In other words, everyday life.

Most of my life isn’t spent on something cool or edgy. But they’re the only ones I think are worth sharing with everyone. But most of my life will still be boring from an outside perspective, and normal yet enjoyable from my own.

December 03, 2019

Need some inspiration porn? I recently updated my phone wallpapers with some anime wallpaper creations.

  • Anime artwork with the quote 'hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself.'
  • Anime artwork with the quote 'you can only make the choice if you remember it's there.'

As an added bonus, people who see them will think I’m a naturally motivated, discipline person. As opposed to the truth: I’m a typical lazy, distractable human using mental tricks to avoid those impulses.

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