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Max Antonucci

Journalist turned full-time coder, part-time ponderer.

Hello Readers.

I’m Max Antonucci. I write code, blog posts, notebooks, and musings.

As a programmer, I code for the front-end and back-end. For my work, I write a lot of JavaScript, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. I'm also building more specialized knowledge in web accessibility and design systems.

As a writer, I write to remember lessons I've learned in programming, psychology, philosophy, and absurd topics that tend to confuse my friends.

As a human being, I enjoy reading, boxing, and some casual gaming. I don't enjoy paying bills, getting too little sleep, and fighting my inner demons of perfectionism and self-pressure.

As a chainsaw juggler, I don't do anything since I don't exist.

Recent Writing

My blog is where I keep my big lessons. Sometimes they're important code knowledge or concepts. Sometimes it's career or life lessons. Other times it's broad changes in how I think. But they're all short stories taken from the novel of my life.

You can read more of my blog here.

Recent things I've learned

Programming is about continuous learning. But some lessons are too small for a blog post, but too big for a tweet. So all the medium-sized lessons I pick up have to go somewhere so I don't forget them. That's where the "Today I Learned" section comes in.

You can read more of the things I've learned here.

Recent Notes

Whatever I want to write but can't quite fit into my blog goes here. From the profound to the silly to the random, it shall be scribbled in a note.

You can read more of my notes here.

Note posted on September 14, 2021

If Netflix has taught me something, it's that "Wheel of Fortune" is only worth watching without commercials. It also taught me not enough animes get the official English dubs they deserve, but that's for later.

I'm serious. Each round is only a bit longer than the commercial break that follows it. Each half-hour would be around 33-50% commercials. How is that worth it?

Without commercials, each episode is short and sweet. It almost feels unfair how much casual game show fun gets packed into 15-20 minutes.

Am I saying mastering time travel would be worth it to go back to when the episodes first aired and skip over the commercials back then? No, but I'm not saying that isn't the case either.

Note posted on September 7, 2021

I have a long-running list of things that are so amazing, they're almost religious. I've included the lived experiences from many folks I've asked about it. Some items on it now are:

  • A large slice of good cheesecake
  • Blowing up random buildings in a video game with realistic physics
  • Watching the end of "Coco"
  • Eating pasta carbonara in Rome, Italy
  • Kicking a nazi in the groin
  • Winning any game in The Jackbox Party Pack
  • Eating Portugese donuts
  • Seeing Hamilton in theaters with the original cast
  • Amazing sex
  • Smoking weed
  • Smoking weed and having sex while watching Hamilton on Disney Plus.

After a weekend in Portland, Maine, I'm adding something else: lobster grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese with warm chunks of lobster inside it.

Imagine how good this tastes. Now imagine something tastier. Then double it. That's how delicious it is. Get it now and you'll be praying to a new God.