Max Antonucci

Journalist turned Full-time Coder, Part-time Ponderer

Projects I've Made

Code for companies, classrooms, or creativity

All my projects are welcome to my portfolio page! Some, especially those hosted elsewhere, may not be there anymore. Chances are I'm too busy making new additions to catch them all. You can find smaller, more current bits of work on my CodePen and Github profiles.

Image for my 'Vigenere Encryption' project

Vigenere Encryption

After some casual research on encryption methods, I decided to recreate one using Vue. The Vigenere method was both challenging and useful, and only took a few hours to get right. Use it to encrpyt messages, pass them along, and decrypt them with the key phrase you choose!

Image for my 'SeeClickFix' project


My first big project for SeeClickFix was developing their new marketing site. While several people worked on the design, the front-end code with Jekyll was almost entirely done by me. It uses a few Material Web Components, Pa11y to test for accessibility, and the CSS was built on ITCSS and BEM. It was a major upgrade from the previous version, and was very fun to create!

Image for my 'Puzzle Pieces' project

Puzzle Pieces

I built out my previous site's front-end code using Brad Frost's Pattern Lab to arrange the base styles and components. While that site's been retired, I kept the library itself due to my love for Pattern Lab itself.

Image for my 'Monty Hall React App' project

Monty Hall React App

My first real experiment with a React app. Like all first experiments, my default idea is recreating the Monty Hall Dilemma. It was also my first time using CSS Modules, which were overkill for this small project but I now see their appeal for larger ones.

Image for my 'Monty Hall Vue App' project

Monty Hall Vue App

I like Vue for being a simpler, yet still effective, JS framework for smaller projects. This is especially true for CodePen ones like this, with my default idea of making the Monty Hall Dilemma.

Image for my 'Vue Commute Calculator' project

Vue Commute Calculator

Another enjoyable Vue project in my spare time, where I wanted to make something goofy yet could give some insight. Putting in a few values shows you how much time you lose to commuting in more ways you'd ever want to know.

Image for my 'Number Guessing Game' project

Number Guessing Game

One of my first JS framework projects was with Angular. It started as a simple game, but grew a lot more as I added more features like a hint system and changing the number limits. I don't use Angular much anymore, but it still was my first exposure to JS frameworks.

Image for my 'Pure CSS Hypnotic Spiral' project

Pure CSS Hypnotic Spiral

Some random CSS experimenting with animations turned into one of my favorite pens of a complex spiral pattern. It's my only pen to be featured on CodePen's front page to date.

Image for my 'Ace Attorney Staff Grid' project

Ace Attorney Staff Grid

I enjoy working different interests into coding ideas. Here I worked in my love for the Ace Attorney Franchise into a 'Meet the Staff' page pattern.

Image for my 'Longform Parallax Effect' project

Longform Parallax Effect

I coded this effect to make long reading passages more interesting when planning a now-failed idea to write a book online with Jekyll. If I ever revive that idea, I'll certainly use this.

Image for my 'EmberDex' project


This is an improvement on my last Pokedex built from Ruby. This time I used Ember, since I needed to get more familiar with the framework. It makes better use of the Pokemon API, despite it not being smoothly compatible with Ember's adapters. But combined with Ember Paper, overall it's a smoother, more stylish Pokedex with more functions and information to look through.

Image for my 'Ace Attorney Ipsum' project

Ace Attorney Ipsum

I'm a huge fan of the Phoenix Wright series, but was upset to see there wasn't a Lorem Ipsum generator for it. So I found the WikiQuote page for the series, took the best lines I could find, and made a Node.js Lorem Ipsum generator with them. Now template sites can fill empty space with the voices of Wright, Edgeworth, Maya, and (most of) the whole cast.

Image for my 'What Eeveelution are You' project

What Eeveelution are You

I made this quiz to better understand the Angular framework, specifically its data-binding, Angular functions, and displaying the right views. Plus I used Flexbox to better control the responsiveness of certain elements with less CSS.

Image for my 'My Housing Matters' project

My Housing Matters

In one of my final Newhouse classes, I was made the primary web developer as we edited and created the website. It focused on racial and economic disparities related to housing in Syracuse. My main jobs were helping make interactive content, changing styles, and editing the back-end functionality with custom fields.

Image for my 'InternNation' project


My main job as Web Development intern at Eric Mower + Associates was to remake the intern blog. The final product was a WordPress theme built for over 100 posts with Sass and Gulp.js, along with a few useful tools such as Isotope.js and Advanced Custom Fields. The front page also lets users search a grid of all the posts by the intern’s semester, the city they interned in, and what department they worked in. The final product came out just in time for me and the other Spring 2015 interns to get their posts up!