Work history and portfolios only tell someone so much. So here's some info about what I'm doing right now.


I'm working at AgileSix, a civic tech company that makes digital solutions for the United States federal government. I focus on the front-end and making the final products stylish, responsive, and accessible with tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI libraries like React, pattern libraries like Storybook, and more. I have experience working on the backend with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and I still enjoy working with them when I can. My broader career goals are to keep learning more about JavaScript and Ruby (and SVG), and building more specialized knowledge of web accessibility and front-end architecture.

See the Pen SVG Coordinate-based Generative Art by Maxwell Antonucci (@max1128) on CodePen.


I try to have at least one blog post in the works at any given time. They focus on everything from JavaScript, web accessibility, career lessons, personal reflections, random factual observations, or anything else I want to scribble about.

I don't have any long-term goals for my blogging. I do it because it helps me learn, express myself, and share this info with others. Plus, when I do it right, it's just fun. When I do it wrong...that's another matter.

Reading and Listening

Like so many people, I have a giant backlog of articles, podcasts, and fiction and nonfiction books I know I'll never get through. But this ensures I'll never have an excuse to be bored in the future, and I can accept this tradeoff.

For coding knowledge, I try to follow lots of different sources. These include publications like CSS Tricks, A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and some prominent writers in those same spheres like Adrian Roselli, Heydon Pickering, Laura Kalbag, Brad Frost, and Jeremy Keith. I also subscribe to several front-end newsletters including CSS Weekly, A11y Weekly, ZenDev, and Responsive Web Design Weekly. As for books, my favorite resources are A Book Apart, The Pragmatic Bookshelf, and Smashing Magazine Printed Books. I've also started using the Anki flashcard app to better remember it all.

A selection of shelved coding books from A Book Apart, Smashing Magazine, and The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

For books I read more for fun from stores or libraries, I've got far too long a list to share here. The ones I enjoy range from thrillers, fantasy dystopias, creative nonfiction, comforting romance novels (mainly Nora Roberts), and political satire.


The COVID-19 pandemic has limited my playtime quite a bit, as you, dear reader, have likely dealt with yourself. My main leisure activity these days is reading, since the Libby app makes it easy to check out a wide variety of eBooks from my library whenever I want. Free books you can get without needing to leave your home are a pandemic survivor's best friend. When I'm not doing that, I'm eating out at new restaurants, catching up on new television, and drawing and doodling like I have since high school.


I'm not telling if you're not asking. I'll only say the bunny isn't late yet.