Who am I exactly? It's a question with many answers.

The Business Answer #

I'm a front-end developer working at AgileSix and living in Connecticut. My focuses are CSS, JavaScript, web accessibility, and front-end architecture.

I also write about programming. I often write to explain tough topics, like git rebasing and functional JavaScript, in simple and weird ways like with cupcakes or angels and mutants.

In my free time I enjoy reading, crafting, television, casual gaming, and pondering the philosophical.

The Personal Answer #

I try to live my life based on a few values. The most important ones are curiosity and empathy. Curiosity keeps me learning new things and finding new experiences, either on my own or shared by others. Empathy lets me expand my range of feelings and understanding as I go along.

These values take many forms: exploring new ways to craft accessible websites, reading about life through others' eyes or the invisible systems driving society, or trying to process all the above with what I write. They bring my life joy and pain in equal measure. When I go to sleep, I don't often feel happy. But I feel fulfilled, that I did something meaningful with my time.

The Million Dollar Answer #

The word "tabby," now used to refer to a cat, is derived from the word Al-'Attābīya, the name of a district in the city of Baghdad.