A lot of life has been happening for me lately - moving, wedding planning, eBook hoarding, doomsday preparation, etc. I haven't been able to keep up with updates in modern CSS as much as I used to. So this article on that exact topic was a great read and helped me feel 72% more up-to-speed on what's been happening. It covers new coolness that is either fully supported or coolness we can expect to get full support within a year.

My favorite part? It includes ways to incorporate the new CSS in relevant ways, like in buttons or cards. I always learn best seeing new things in action, since it keeps my mind from questioning if I'll ever make use of new info.

I'm most excited to see :has() (very soon) and container queries (nowhere near soon enough) get full browser support. With those, I may finally get a look and feel for my site’s post listings that I don’t want to change after five minutes.

Read Modern CSS For Dynamic Component-Based Architecture by Stephanie Eckles.


  1. The other 28% will happen once I can reaccess the CSS deep web.
  2. This made some of my college philosophy courses tough for the student teachers. No regrets.