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Musings written down for safekeeping

Five Programming Lessons from a Journalism Major

My journalism background taught me many things that still help me as a programmer. They cover workplace conversations, managing knowledge, making well-informed decisions, and the benefits of sprinting across campus in a blind panic.

My Week in Lessons for 3/1

My first (of hopefully many) weekly lessons learned covers brittle tests, complex components, stupid questions, and existential emotions.

The Testing Introduction I Wish I Had

Testing is a topic I overlooked too much early in my career, which may have hurt my progress the most. This is everything I'd have told my past self about testing.

What Good Can a Blog Post Do?

As a coder and a writer, I've often felt inadequate with what I'm giving back to the world. But there are ways I can give back, however small they are.

Dissecting my Ruby Project Skeleton

My project skeleton is a base starting point for simple, vanilla Ruby creations. I examine how the basic parts work together for fellow Ruby newbies.

Negativity is Like Gravity

My mind's first reaction is often negative, and I try to work around these carefully so they don't pull me down.

It's Not About You

When getting feedback from coworkers about your code, don't let your ego stop you from doing better.

The May 1st Reboot

Two months after redesigning my site, a big event makes me do it all over again.

Answering to Ourselves

It's amazing how many worries vanish by thinking 'I have the benefit of not caring what they think.'

Take Notes on Everything

With so much to keep learning as a junior dev, I've remembered not to trust my brain to hold onto all the new info.

Building the new SeeClickFix Website

As you’ve (hopefully) seen by now, we have completely overhauled the SeeClickFix homepage and corporate website. I share my favorite code from the new site.

How to Make an Anime Newsletter

For my first web project that wasn't a website, I broke down a goal that involved Node, scheduled functions, the Twitter API, and a feed of anime wallpapers.

Rest is not Laziness

Don't feel lazy and undeserving for taking the time to rest. One can't be productive without rest.

HealthCare Heroes

Exploring how helping people plant gardens after a disaster can make you one of the #HealthCareHeroes.

Conscience of Society

Professor Alejandro Garcia’s own altruistic actions are being recognized with the 2013 Daniel and Mary Lou Rubenstein Social Justice Award.

With Open Arms

Vast spiritual opportunities lie within campus Chapel; Hendricks illuminates need for diversity.