I found a random, helpful tool in an illuminating article on accessibility testing. The author talked about how they take screenshots without seeing the page. Firefox helps by letting you track down an element in the DOM and screenshot only that element. So if they know some HTML uses the wrong semantics, they can screenshot the element in question on their own. Neat!

This is another classic example of accessibility helping everyone. I, a sighted user, saw how helpful this is for one of my pet projects: my Anime Quote Image maker.

Before, I was awkwardly taking a manual screenshot of my quote images with the Command + Shift + 4 shortcut. It worked but was imprecise and annoying. Clicking "screenshot node" from the image in the inspector is much easier.


Then I found an even more convenient way! I could just right-click the image, click "take screenshot," and select the node on the page. No inspector needed!

I know I should set up a "click and download" function one day, so non-Firefox users also have an easier time. But I'm going to keep procrastinating on that for now.