As delicious as meat is, eating it is unsustainable for the planet. But I read something surprising: we could help save the world be swapping meat with insects.

For example, one NBC news article about eating crickets points out how they take a fraction of the resources to raise compared to cows, are highly nutritious, have fewer calories, and a greater percentage of each can be eaten. It's even better than eating plants!

Proponents point out that certain bugs have protein levels comparable to conventional meat, and insect protein contains all eight essential amino acids, making it nutritionally superior to plant-based protein.

Sadly, there's one big obstacle: eating bugs is gross. Many American liberals likely want to save the world, but not at the cost of their Instagram brunch photos.

But I still predict a deteriorating planet will force the whole world to fully accept eating bugs one day. Imagine what it'd be like if crickets became an everyday food:

This could all be real someday. I think of that and feel a touch better about the future, for it is intriguing, revolting, but ultimately pretty tasty.