I recently read a book about life in Nazi Germany leading up to World War II. What struck me most was how ambiguous and mixed peoples' feelings were. Today the horrors of the Nazi Party are black and white, but not leading up to the war.

It took until the Night of the Long Knives with its hundreds of estimated deaths for others to see the Nazis' true nature. Even then, no other nations spoke out. They kept hoping the party would become too radical to sustain itself.

Right now, we could be in a similar setup for any number of countries. Where our "it's complicated" views could get much less complicated and more obvious in hindsight. It's unsettling but makes me want to learn more and catch this shift before it happens. To not think "if only I'd seen it then" after history's next dark chapter.

Of course, if some random coder in Connecticut could figure it out, wouldn't those in charge have already done that?