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Everything I'm doing right now, added here right after it happens

Work history and portfolios only tell someone so much. So here's some info about what I'm doing right now.

time management


I'm working at SeeClickFix, a civic tech app that lets citizens report municipal issues to local governments. I help develop and manage the front-end of the web apps. This includes managing our design system, bringing us in line with federal accessibility standards, and building out UIs for pages and components.

My career goals now are to build my JavaScript and accessibility knowledge and skills. I'm researching and practicing both, and trying not to neglect larger topics to learn like coding best practices and patterns. The hardest part is finding my most effective learning strategy, especially since there's so much to learn.


I'm writing many blog posts at any given time, most of which focus on explaining complex topics in simpler, weirder ways. Right now this includes explaining the big 23 design patterns in the form of retelling popular fairy tales. I don't have any long-term goals for my blogging. I do it because I enjoy it, it helps me build on and retain knowledge, and it helps others learn similar topics.

Plus, writing is just a fun way to manage my thoughts.


I like reading programming books to expand my broader skills and knowledge, such as learning Ruby, better UI design, and programming design patterns. I'm currently working my way through Clean Code and Burn Your Portfolio.

I'm working through lots of programming and career articles on my list. Here are the articles I'm going to read, and here are the articles I'm going to take notes on.

For fun I have a long list of books I've purchased from library book sales and am reading to relax. They range from fantasy dystopias, John Grisham legal thrillers, creative nonfiction, and political satire.


I'm residing in a cozy apartment in New Haven, CT. I'm enjoying the pizza, making things at MakeHaven, and trying to visit all the bookstores, so I don't have plans to move anytime soon. I'm grateful and lucky to live alone and within walking distance of my job.


I'm not telling if you're not asking.