Note posted on January 5, 2022

I've been thinking about an old blog post, Individuality is a Job. The main idea is how individual identity takes work, and we should base it on actions instead of only ideas. After all, if ideas don't inspire new action, how much value do they have for us?

But also, viewing individuality as a job could be counter-productive. It's more likely to become a chore we put off, not invest enough in, or give up on. Taking it too seriously may keep someone from treating it seriously enough. The innate irony of the human mind always amuses me.

It could be better to see individuality as a hobby or a side project. Something we work on without the pressure of deadlines, constant maintenance, or paycheck anxiety. It makes us more likely to experiment or have fun with who we are. In the process, we can find better versions of ourselves.

A good New Year's Resolution could be to take ourselves less seriously (but not too much).