Note posted on November 19, 2021

"Men Explain Things To Me" is a book full of great ideas and research, but one quote stuck out to me more than others.

...the ideas that a husband has the right to beat his wife and that it’s a private matter are not returning anytime soon. The genies are not going back into their bottles. And this is, really, how revolution works. Revolutions are first of all of ideas.

Revolutions start as ideas against a status quo, and we can't stop them afterward. That may be why those in power put so much focus on how America's revolution against the British monarchy. Citizens won't revolt if they believe their country's existence is still a "revolution." Even if the revolution is long over and there are now other things they may want to push back against. You won't look for a new partner if you've deluded yourself into thinking you're still with your first one.

It's so ironic, the idea of past and present revolutions keeping future revolutions at bay.