Note posted on November 14, 2021

I've been on a forever search for a certain webcomic. In it, a struggling writer enters a kind of hotel and meets three alternate versions of herself. They include:

  1. One that did jail time, went blonde and is a published non-fiction writer.
  2. One that fell in love in college, does indie film work but is a loud, bitter cynic.
  3. One in the corporate world that's professional and more "in tune" with societal norms.

I apologize if I got any of these details wrong. It's been so long since I read it last, I want to read it again, but I cannot find it online!

But it also gets me thinking about some alternate versions of me that may be out there.

  1. One that stuck to journalism, works at a newspaper and is being broken down by stress and roommates.
  2. One that also started a lifelong relationship early and had kids. Their career never quite took off but still enjoys their family.
  3. One that moved across the country and went a bit "crazy." Each day I live out loud but struggle to get any long-term plans together.
  4. One that didn't turn down that CIA referral from my sophomore year. I'm spying on/impersonating/poisoning Russian operatives throughout Europe. Plus I have an earring and tattoo, although I'm not sure what it's a tattoo of.
  5. One that can fly around and shoot lasers from my eyes. I hide from society outside of an occasional explosive attack to stir things up.

I hope I can meet my own alternative selves in a hotel like that someday.