Note posted on November 3, 2021

My endless struggle to be an adult has hit a new obstacle: hacked, customized Pokemon games. They are the perfect distraction for someone in my niche group:

  • Loves Pokemon
  • Hates the formula in most all Pokemon games
  • Wants Rare Candy cheat codes to avoid level grinding
  • Enjoys being able to speed up the boring parts, like random encounters and routine dialogue
  • Doesn't want to spend $60 on an old game but with shinier graphics
  • Likes turning on emulator filters so it looks like I'm playing an oil painting

Learning the patch process for many of these ROMs was a hassle, but was worth it. I already have Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Blazed Glazed, and Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma queued up.

Bizarre names aside, I am both excited to play and hopeful I don't get too sucked into them. I have a plane trip approaching, and "I was hunting a Ralts at double speed" isn't the best excuse for not preparing.