Note posted on October 25, 2021

When it comes to my "read later" list or coding articles, it's always in one of two states.

  1. I have so many articles saved, I'm scared to start reading them and keep procrastinating.
  2. After a marathon reading session, my list is empty and I don't want to look at it again until it again feels too long.

I've heard "a good routine is important to have but hard to build" so often, it feels like a productivity cliche. But I'm realizing it's a cliche for a reason. Going between these two extremes is not sustainable, enjoyable, or cholesterol-free.

You don't eat a whale all at once, or by ignoring it and hope it eats itself. You go one bite at a time.

You also wonder why you're eating a whale in the first place. Are whales particularly tasty? Do they have essential vitamins and nutrients? Could they be a solution to ending world hunger? Is this the secret reason why Florence, Oregon blew up a whale with dynamite in the 1970s?

The point is, a slow and steady article reading routine is important for my work future. For my knowledge, skillset, digestive tract, and for all the whales that wash ashore.