Note posted on September 23, 2021

Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is think less. By which I mean listening to your gut.

At any time when I'm unsure, either from too much info or a fuzzy brain, my gut is the best dealbreaker. Except when it comes to matters of food and eating. My gut has a clear pro-food bias when I know I need to be more cautious in my diet.

A quote about trusting your hunches, as they're based on facts below the conscious level. It's shown with anime artwork of someone at a computer.

Most people get and accept that to some extent. The hard part is knowing how to truly listen to your gut.

Sometimes my gut pulls me in ways I don't agree with. I only agree later, when the facts it used later arrive at my conscious mind. But at the start, it's hard to trust. So I need to be certain I'm listening to my gut, instead of some other knee-jerk thought or reaction.

The difference is, when my gut talks to me, it's in my whole body. It's a force of gravity that keeps me from doing anything else but what it wants. That's when I know I need to hold my breath and trust it, no matter the pain.

So far, it's caused me lots of pain. But little serious regret either.