Note posted on August 27, 2021

There are so many systems of inequality built by humans, it can be hard to get mad at times.

When a bear eats a fish, do we get mad at the bear for ending the fish's life? Even knowing the fish did nothing wrong, it was a painful death, and it was for a bear's selfish survival? No, because that's what bears do. Eating salmon is their natural order of things. When we recognize that, the anger fades away.

What if finding ways to control, oppress, and manipulate others is just what today's humans do? That's what systems like capitalism, white supremacy, grifting, and patriarchy boil down to. They're a human's natural drive to put themselves above others. To stand on others' bodies to push themselves further above water, even if they're already safe and dry.

There are good reasons to end these systems, I'm not saying there aren't. But when I see how pervasive and stubborn they are, the more one may think "it's just what humans do." Then my anger fades away.

Or is this exhausted resignation only what those in power want everyone to feel. Until we're so tired of them that we stop fighting? If that's the case, what is our natural state without these systems?