Note posted on August 10, 2021

Do inhibition killers like alcohol and marijuana make it harder for us to lie? Or do they give us a good reason to tell the truths we want?

I've said many things I usually wouldn't do while under the influence of both. I ruined many long-standing plans in the process. It took months to organize another mass Unicorn migration once those edibles kicked in.

But part of me wonders if there are things that deep down, I want to talk about. And whether it's out of fear, paranoia, or embarrassment, I'm too afraid to ask about it while sober. So I impair my own judgment on purpose to steamroll forward in an inelegant but effective way.

It's the same way we run head-first into a pool with our eyes closed. Our rational minds know it's too cold, so we jump in without thinking. Otherwise, we wouldn't get to enjoy summer at the pool!

What's worse: to sidestep our own rationality and stability? Or to miss opportunities or joy we'd only find through risky shake-ups?

The sad answer is it often depends. Know what you're willing to get drunk or stoned for. In hindsight, it wasn't worth risking all those Unicorns. It'll take years before I can stage a migration that huge again.