Note posted on August 2, 2021

We all have different ideas of what it means to be "spontaneous." But at what point does it stop being spontaneous at all? When instead is it something too predictable or too chaotic?

Going out to a random restaurant and getting a random entree would be spontaneous to most people. But what if you limit it to restaurants in a single city? A single block? Sticking to a single restaurant? When does it become predictability?

Furthermore, when does spontaneity become chaos? What if you broaden your restaurant scope to the entire state? The whole country? The whole world? What if you make an unplanned trip to Russia only to try borscht as a hole in the wall in the state capital?

I think this "predictable - spontaneous - chaotic" spectrum looks different for everyone. It all depends on our risk tolerance. One's person's chaos is another person's predictability and vice versa. That changes with age, sense of security, or the company you keep at that moment. Or, especially lately, how much you're willing to chance catching COVID.

That last one hasn't affected Americans' risk tolerance as much as I expected it to. Or wish it would have.