Note posted on July 17, 2021

It's important to notice major changes in your family. For example, the ways your family gathers.

In our teenage years, we had the "bar and bat mitzvah phase." That was when we celebrated our entry into adulthood, despite not being able to drink yet. In our late twenties and early thirties, we're entering the "wedding phase." That's when we celebrate the joining of two drinking-age adults with lots of champagne. I'm not sure what follows right after, but I know it ends with the "funeral phase." That's when we gather to mourn those who drank too much, too fast.

I'm thinking we should have some other phases to balance this out. How about a "first trip to the bar without worrying about a ride home phase?" Or a "swearing off alcohol and only drinking soda for two months phase?" Or a "texted someone I shouldn't have after the fifth drink phase." They're all important reasons for our family to gather. It can be either for support, laughter or well-intentioned ridicule.

As long as we don't gather for a "first hangover sickness phase."