Note posted on July 16, 2021

Almost all of us have trauma in our past or even our present. If you think you don't, here are some things to remember about trauma.

  • Trauma isn't always flashy and dramatic. It can be something small or invisible to others. Someone else could have lived it and not gotten traumatized at all. But it was traumatic to someone else, so it's still trauma. Don't let people gaslight others with "that wasn't traumatic, you're only overreacting."
  • Trauma doesn't always have a villain. Events out of everyone's control can cause it, like natural disasters or horrible luck. If a person or people caused it, it may not be due to hatred or ill intent. That person could have acted the same way anyone else like them would have, and it happened to cause trauma. I would argue even if they're not guilty, they should help those they affected to recover.
  • Trauma can be simple. There may not be an elaborate backstory or deep, psychological ripple effects. It could be someone getting bullied or getting enough human contact. That doesn't make it better or worse, easier or tougher, or more or less worthy of help.

Trauma can be terrible, but also a terrible thing that simply happens as part of being life. One of the many things we need to manage, recover from, and help others deal with as we keep going.