Note posted on July 6, 2021

Popular culture tells us work is important to finding dignity and meaning in one's life. That's why people should "get off welfare and find a job." Life is meaningless without a good way to contribute to society!

Another message is not to bitch when a company's values don't align with yours. A job is only a job, and a company is only a company. Don't "cancel it" because it doesn't align with everything you want. Basecamp, Github, Dr. Suess, or Mr. Potato Head didn't deserve any of this!

It seems like people want us to use our passion to find work and spend money. But then to not think too much about it once we start. Be enthusiastic and generous, but not curious or critical.

That doesn't seem like a system with the lower classes' best interests in mind. Or I'm only another millennial that looks too deep into things to understand them. It's tough to say.