Note posted on June 30, 2021

I have an idea for a new Urban Dictionary word. The definition is "the stressful rush to give an answer before someone else to show you figured it out on your own."

So if someone asks a question, and you see them preparing to type another one. You suspect they're about to answer it themselves. But you want to show you're smart enough to know the answer on your own. So you get an adrenaline rush and send your answer as fast as possible. You send yours first, so there's an indisputable record that you were smart enough to know the answer too. The evidence agrees, even if your self-confidence doesn't.

I don't know what to call this. Being knowledge pressed? Imposter texting? Imposter replying, or "imposterply" for short? Or, as one friend suggested, I could try a scary-sounding German word like "├╝berst├╝rztenachrichtzumangeben."

I don't care who names it, as long as it gets a name and adds some clarity to my life.