Note posted on June 28, 2021

"On a Sunbeam" is a great graphic novel for odd readers like it. It has queer romance, cowboy space exploration, fish-shaped spaceships, and board games. Amid all these other wonderful things, one quote stuck out to me for pride month.

This one goes out to all the folks who refuse to acknowledge or use preferred pronouns out there. You all know who you are.

You don't get to decide what's important for us. You can choose for yourself, but no one else. When you choose not to respect us, we choose not to respect you. The fact that you expect people you shit on to treat you nicely just shows how delusional you are...Have you even considered that something that's trivial to you could much more to someone else? You don't get to take the easy road out and just respect the parts of people that you recognize.

The cynical part of me thinks this is part of why dominant social groups resist pronouns so much. It takes away their ability to define the identities and roles of others. The roles that reinforce the systems and structures that benefit the dominant groups. That lets them assert they know someone's place more than the person themself.

Does letting others define their pronouns get us closer to smashing the patriarchy? I like to think so. Although, I like anything that makes powerful white men angry or uncomfortable. It's why I'm a fan of preferred pronouns, critical race theory, and female Ghostbusters.