Note posted on June 22, 2021

Last week, I wanted to prepare for the next societal calamity or psychological crisis. A lot of that prep is making a distinct reminder on my apartment wall.

  • A painted wooden canvas with the words 'you are doing okay' paired with a carved image of two people hugging.
  • A close up of the same canvas. It shows the words and corner designs are laser-cut pieces of plywood.
  • A zoomed-in look at the canvas' two people hugging. They are both smiling with their eyes closed. They're surrounded in a circular, Greek-style frame.

This was the most meticulous laser-cutter project I've made in a long time. But so many of my recent (anime) laser projects have felt too familiar and safe. It felt good to push my boundaries by adding in some paint and elaborate designs. But I don't know if I'll try a Greek border like this again. Taking apart, painting, and reassembling something that precise is impossible. At least not without a few bits breaking.

Why the "you are doing okay" message? I've found a lot of my inner monsters are from extreme pressures or expectations. So it's a good reminder that, underneath all those, I'm doing okay. I don't need to be doing amazing or terrible. All I need to is be okay as I put another foot forward.