Note posted on June 19, 2021

Here is a list of things. They are things of no particular theme and in no particular order.

  • The feeling of both the warm sun and a cooling breeze, which leaves a gentle tickle across the skin.
  • A sudden void without thought, so no words or ideas could obscure any pure emotion.
  • The contrast between a pleasant buzz, and the fact that your body removing alcohol creates a cancer-causing carcinogen.
  • Barbeque chicken that is neither tough nor charred. If also not authentic by most peoples' standards.
  • A screaming fire in one's bones and skin. The fire that makes you feel alive through internal devastation and reform.
  • Something that's both a paradox and makes perfect sense. That is rational because of how irrational we accept it to be.
  • A small dog that gives you a curious look and walks closer, but not close enough to pet.
  • Alienation with society, knowing our "normal" has caused extreme past, present, and future suffering. Yet we have no true escape.
  • Showers at the right temperature, but somehow feel hotter the longer you're in them. This is weird since it's usually the other way around.

Thank you, please continue with your day.