Note posted on June 16, 2021

Some life problems are quite simple. Sometimes they're problems of boredom, frustration, loneliness, existential dread, lucid attacks by imagined butterfly monsters, or some combination of the above. These feelings have a simple cause, like wanting more company or fun distractions. There's no need to analyze my activities for the last month or overturn my life goals to figure them out.

I'm realizing I hate simple problems more than complex ones. The complex ones feel further away and at least give me room to breathe. The simple ones come right up to the door and hammer at my mental and emotional health. No amount of lists, plans, or psycho-analysis will quiet them down.

Simple problems do have simple solutions, right? That's correct, oh hypothetical person from nowhere. But simple doesn't mean easy. It's not easy to go up to that door and throw it open. to confront the simple, unyielding, ever-present problem right in front of you.

The simpler the problem is, the fewer places you have to hide from it. The more chances they have to knock you down before you figure out what to do about them.