Note posted on May 30, 2021

Every now and then, it's worth it to remind yourself you have limited time alive. That you've already spent a big chunk of it, and may not have much left with your own money or health.

I've accepted I can't do lots of things I want. My strategy is to know everything I can do, and pick the ones that give me the most satisfaction. So no matter what paths or potentials hit my life, I'll have minimal regrets.

This approach has two key requirements: cut out excessive or superfluous wants, and enjoy the little things. Both get much easier by cutting down on television, social media, gentlemans' clubs, and kale. THC and CBD are optional in small (or micro) doses.

I've got a handful of good years ahead of me. After that, some kinds of major responsibilities or burdens will likely start to tie me down. Pandemic or not, we should all do what we can to wring the most meaning from them.