Note posted on May 26, 2021

I want to love New Pokemon Snap, I do. But all the game's grinding and repetition turns its huge scope against itself. I can only play the game in small doses. Otherwise, the joy turns into not being able to hit a Pokemon just right after a five-minute setup. Then I need to repeat it all three times.

The upside is I've already finished my main goal. That goal is, of course, photographing all the Eevee evolutions. This was 80% of my reason for playing at all.

  • A vaporeon diving into the ocean.
  • An angry Jolteon letting off several thunderbolts.
  • A happy Flareon yowling next to a Slugma.
  • An Espeon sitting near a glowing flower.
  • A happy Eevee jumping in the air.
  • An Umbreon standing upright with an alert expression.
  • A Glaceon using Diamond Dust.
  • A leafeon laying down next to a glowing flower.
  • A Sylveon walking in a field of flowers.

So even if I stop playing sooner than expected, I have no regrets. Other than goading a Pigeot to soar off with a Magikarp, and presumably devour it, several times. I still see its ghost in my dreams. Flopping. Gaping. Gasping. Screaming a silent scream for mercy.

Anyway...I photographed all the Eevee evolutions!