Note posted on May 20, 2021

Quarantine has shown me that part of strong thinking is knowing when to think less. Thinking is like any kind of food or drug: no matter how much it helps, it can hurt in too large doses.

Side effects of excess thinking include:

  • Full-body paralysis of any action when you aren't certain it's the best possible one to take.
  • Short-term memory loss of needed decisions, even after taking a walk to "figure out what's next."
  • Sudden onset judgment and anxiety about past actions that create doubt about future ones.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns and restless dreams, often focused around getting lost in your old high school.
  • Gambling and compulsive sexual behavior. Especially if you're within driving distance of Vegas.

If you experience any of these, ask your therapist about lowering your daily thinking dosage. Patients are not recommended to avoid thinking altogether. Unless what you're doing in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas. Then you should quit cold turkey, settle your debts, and get some non-COVID tests.