Note posted on May 12, 2021

Here's a no-win thought experiment to run by someone claiming to be the only "objective" thinker in the area.

Let's assume the average American makes around $1.5 million in their lifetime. This person sees someone walking by, and sees there's a $2 million reward if they kill them. As far as anyone can know, they're a normal person and will never have any criminal record. So killing this person creates a net positive effect of $0.5 million. Would they kill this person?

If they say yes, they're admitting they'd kill someone in the name of their objectivity. If they say no, they're admitting they're not all that objective by putting morality first. Either way, their credibility and argument are undercut.

So for anyone pulling the "I'm the only objective thinker" card, I ask, do you want to be that kind of person?