Note posted on April 27, 2021

A favorite theory of mine is how dreams are a glimpse into our collective unconsciousness. But another one I like is that dreams let us get glimpses of some of the infinite multiverses out there. I don't know how credible the multiverse theory is, but I love this idea of it.

Let's say someone dreamt about giant Five Nights at Freddy's robots destroying civilization. Then the wizarding and human worlds came together to stop them and rebuild. That story doesn't end after someone wakes up. Somewhere in the vast cosmos, it's still happening and could be their "normal."

Dreams would let us experience every possible "what if" scenario. We'd wake up and know they're more than hypotheticals or random imaginings. They'd be real stories shared across impossible boundaries. Someone out there could have even dreamt of our universe and our own lives. One can only guess what they thought after they woke up.

I hope my future dreams let me revisit some of these universes. I'll sleep and see wizards and mechanics dissecting a massive Freddy Fazbear animatronic. As they do, small Bidybabs stalk them from the darkness and waiting to strike. If I'm lucky, I won't wake up until I see what happens next.