Note posted on April 23, 2021

Even after we declare this pandemic "over," I plan to wear a mask for the foreseeable future. I have many reasons for this:

  • Ending a pandemic takes concentrated, collective action. I don't trust America to ever fully deliver on this.
  • It calms my paranoid side. This includes COVID paranoia, judgmental paranoia, facial recognition paranoia, and indirect mind-reading paranoia.
  • Does my continued mask-wearing annoy you? You're likely one of the folks who refused to wear masks from the start for petty political reasons. Pissing you off is a pleasant bonus.
  • It's made my seasonal allergies more bearable.
  • I can mutter to myself or lip-sync music without worry.
  • I accept that, at one point, it's a disconnected behavior that only makes me feel safer. But it's a better choice than binge-drinking or pot smoking.
  • Even after all this, they still make me feel kinda cool and mysterious. I want to savor that as long as possible.