Note posted on February 23, 2021

I'm adding the phrase "it makes sense when you think about it" to my list of signs that someone is an ass. If someone drops this when talking with you, it sends the following messages:

  1. Some basic critical thinking will let you figure out this topic.
  2. I need to tell you this since you haven't given this topic any thought.
  3. I, unlike you, have thought about it and come to a logical conclusion.
  4. You should think next time and think more like me. Otherwise, you'll be wrong again.

It's an impressive, passive-aggressive way to call someone an unthinking idiot. It's even framed as offhand advice to give them plausible deniability.

My response to that is I have thought about it, but came to a different conclusion. We have different perspectives and sources of info, so that's not a surprise. But I am surprised this person's being such an ass about it.