Note posted on February 20, 2021

A common conservative catchphrase I've heard, and agree with, is "freedom isn't free."

For example, freedom to travel isn't free. It's why our taxes go to roads, sidewalks, and public transport. These are investments in many of our freedoms, like:

  • Walking to the store
  • Driving to the gym
  • Catch a bus home from the bar when we're too broke and/or plastered for a cab

During a pandemic, the same logic applies to public health measures. If we want to regain the freedom to visit restaurants, gyms, and each other, we need to pay for it. We pay with masks, tests, vaccines, and the infrastructure to deliver and use them right. I'd argue we also pay through hand-washing and social distancing guidelines to slow the spread.

None of these are easy and cheap. But hey, freedom isn't free. If we can't make those payments, we won't be free to leave our homes that much longer.