Note posted on January 21, 2021

I recently finished "Ready Player Two," and I learned a few things about fiction writing. I learned books shouldn't have lengthy sections of:

  • World-building exposition that isn't woven into the story. Especially in a sequel where the world has already been built for the readers.
  • Excessive, unimportant trivia about, but not limited to, 70's teen flicks, Prince, or any Lord of the Rings middle earth-esque fantasy realm.
  • Introducing characters that look interesting and promise some fresh dynamics, when they're barely heard from afterward with no development.
  • Brooding over losing the woman you lost your virginity to. Most people, including the nerds in the book's target audience, get enough of that in their brains.

I'm glad I learned so much from this book. Now to find one that doesn't try too hard to (and not succeed at) being a Dan Brown novel.