Note posted on November 2, 2020

There are lots of good reasons not to commit murder: morality, prison time, emotional trauma, being out of dishtowels for cleaning, or you're about to do it but notice a stuffed animal staring at you and are worried what it may be thinking. These are all equally valid reasons to avoid ending someone's life.

But I think the best disincentive many people now have is this: they've killed people while playing Among Us and know how stressful murder is.

Here's a scenario that's likely happening across the world: someone was planning to murder someone. But after playing a few Among Us rounds as the imposter, they thought, "this is so stressful! I can't handle this in real life." So they packed up their knives, put the disinfectant away, saved all their romaine lettuce for a salad, and went on with their lives.

Future studies will show a large drop in the murder rate around this time. Thank you, Among Us.