Note posted on October 12, 2020

I've noticed people often get into an existential panic about the world potentially being:

  • Part of someone's imagination, and we're just supporting characters in their dream
  • A vast computer simulation
  • Created five minutes ago and all our memories before then are fake
  • Diluted in meaning by the endless number of better parallel worlds
  • The result of some God sneezing without a tissue

None of that changes that, whatever this world is, it feels just as real. It treats us the same and gives us the same sensory perceptions and feelings of who we are. When something makes us laugh or cry, it gives us the same feeling of joy or sadness, whether it's real or not. Isn't that enough for us to accept things as reality?

But it may not be a good enough silver lining for the "we are godly mucus" theory.