Note posted on October 5, 2020

Time for a thought experiment!

Let's say a frontline healthcare worker caught COVID-19. Considering the positive work they do for others, and how they likely have good character, most people would hope they recover from it.

Now let's say a famous dictator in history caught COVID-19, like Hitler or Mussolini. Considering the deaths and societal damage that happened under them, and that they just weren't good people, most people wouldn't hope they recover. Instead, they'd be glad they got infected and be happy if they suffered long-term health complications or even death.

I'm not drawing a parallel between fascist leaders and anyone else here. But this shows most people would take a person's character and effects on others into account. Between these two extremes, there's a wide range of good and bad wishes we'd have for people infected with COVID. This proves the statement "we'd never wish this disease on anyone" to be false.

All this is something to remember in case someone, or a group of people, tries to gaslight or manipulate you into feeling differently.