Note posted on March 7, 2020

One of the hardest changes for me to accept is when my passions change. All things change or end with time, and the activities we love most are no exception.

Maybe it's tough due to how our mind responds to us pouring so much time, energy, and love into an activity. It starts believing its inherently meaningful and important. But when our passions shift, that means admitting we were wrong about its importance. How do we know that's not also the case with the next passion? If we were wrong about one career path giving us meaning, how do we know this one is any different?

It means accepting how little control we have over much of our lives. Even with areas so intimate to our identity. That's never easy.

The silver lining is knowing we can recognize when we find something more meaningful. Life may be chaotic and full of change, but that's okay when we can trust our judgment to bring us somewhere a little better. Somewhere with a bit more passion than before.