Note posted on December 28, 2019

There was once a person who spent three hours on a Saturday walking. They walked down a street, along a trail, atop a small mountain with some deer, across a park, rested on top of New Haven's East Rock Summit, and then went home.

This person was exhausted and talked to no one but themselves. They expected it to be lonely but instead felt invigorated. They'd enjoyed being so close to nature, pondering answers to some personal and existential worries, and the satisfaction of collapsing home in an exhausted heap.

As the person was in this collapsed heap, they saw a laser print they'd made a few days ago.


Proper solitude had brought them peace of mind amid anxieties that'd hounded them for months. Plus extra tone to their legs they know looks amazing. But mostly their peace of mind.

Next time you have some alone time, I recommended going somewhere where you can only walk and think for an hour or two. You'd be surprised how helpful it can be.