As a front-end developer, I think Ruby may be my favorite programming language I’ve used the least in my career.

I’ve fiddled with Ruby before, but I reached the point of using it to pull off all my once far-reaching ideas. It’s easy to take a goal like “scraping the web for my favorite anime artwork” and break it down into several classes. Each ones is easy to manage, fun to optimize, is a great cook, and will automatically email me great images like this each day.

A large anime drawing of someone eating a sandwich while reading at a cafe outside.

I don’t think this means I’ll go full-stack, or someday move entirely to the back-end. But having another tool to play with, expand my thinking, and have some cheap thrills with on the side never hurt. It’s not like my repos of CSS and JavaScript will find out, right?

But every day can’t be like today, where I stay at work thirty minutes too late, lost in the eyes of a Ruby module. There’s a thin line between love and a crazy code obsession, Ruby. Let’s not let things get so off the rails that we find ourselves lost and full of regret inside a Rails app.

At least not right away.