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Blog Post February 13, 2017

You Have no Right to an Uninformed Opinion

Before you share an opinion on any topic, ask yourself the following questions

Before you share an opinion on any topic, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Have I invested enough research into this opinion? Did I take the time to research relevant info by myself? Or did I hear something once with little support and abruptly agree with it? Is this an opinion I take seriously myself, or am I just following a herd?
  2. Have I used reliable sources for my data? Am I referencing sources with none or minimal bias? Did I check if there’s any proven, verifiable conflict of interest that’d make me distrust this source? Do this source’s fact justify their viewpoint, or does their viewpoint justify their facts? Am I checking these resources against other reliable ones? Am I holding this view just because someone who seems reliable said it, and didn’t check if they really are?
  3. Did I look at any opposing arguments? Have I looked at serious, reasonable counter-arguments to this viewpoint? Were the counter-arguments serious or resort to childish arguments like attacking the one making the argument instead? Am I willing to concede good points from the opposing side and moderate my position accordingly?
  4. Did I check my biases? Do I have any beliefs affecting my judgment? Am I looking for selective facts to justify a viewpoint I already have? Am I avoiding arguments that make me question my beliefs? Am I examining where my biases come from and how valid they are? Did I make sure I don’t have a strong emotional attachment to my opinion that keeps me from doing any of this?

Most importantly, am I willing to critically re-examine my views and admit I’m wrong?

If you didn’t do any of the above, but still feel you have a right to your opinion, so be it. But know I’ll have the right to take your opinion as seriously as you have and ignore it.